Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Brother is remodeling his kitchen.....

Karl and Carrie's house is a mere 17 years old, yet they are already replacing the counter tops with granite! Meanwhile here at 7S220, I'm making due with, half-a-century old Formica. Oh, the young generation and their wasteful ways, that's why we have all this global warming. Their carbon footprint is enormous, and let's not even mention the environmental impact of the noxious fumes being emitted by the epoxy glue used to secure the granite in place. I'm glad that they're way out in California; perhaps the noxious gasses will waft westward over the ocean.

After the counter tops are done they are going to reface the cabinets (which, by the way, are in perfect condition). My brother is no tree hugger, that's for sure....How many acres of old growth forest will be felled to satisfy their insatiable appetite to do needless home improvements?

Here are the photos...(beware graphic content, some images may be disturbing)

Here are the pictures of the finished job....

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